Clemens trial continues

Roger Clemens’s future will depend on what happens in the upcoming weeks of his second trial against the U.S. government for his use of performance enhancing drugs.  This week, the trial will start with jury selection in the District of Columbia where the trial will be held.

In 2007, Clemens’s name appeared on the Mitchell Report for the use of performance enhancing drugs.   When he appeared in court in February of 2008, the former pitcher denied the use of PEDs.  The U.S. government did not believe Clemens was telling the truth under oath, and in 2010, it indicted Clemens on six charges of perjury, giving false statements and obstruction of Congress.

In the next few weeks, jurors will hear the testimony of other figures in the case.  That will include Brian McNamee, who was Roger’s trainer for a decade.  According to sources, McNamee says he injected Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone, and even kept the used needles, which  will be entered as scientific evidence at trial.

The seven-time Cy Young Award winner and his team of lawyers will do their best to discredit McNamee, who has provided drugs to other professional baseball players and also admitted to not always telling the truth about Clemens’s drug use.

According to the AP, prosecutors said they might call former baseball players Barry Bonds and Jose Canseco, current baseball commissioner Bud Selig and New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman as witnesses in the Roger Clemens perjury case. The defense said it might call former Clemens teammates Paul O’Neill, Jorge Posada and Mike Stanton, and baseball writer Peter Gammons.

More than 100 other witnesses could potentially stand before Roger Clemens and will help the government try and prove he lied to Congress.

If he is convicted of all six charges, Clemens would be faced with the maximum penalty of up to 30 years in prison and $1.5 million fine.  Since the former pitcher has a clean record, the maximum sentence would be dropped to 15 – 21 months in prison.

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