College Football Rules Committee proposes 10 new rules

The NCAA’s Football Rules Committee met this week to discuss ways to increase player safety and have come up with 10 potential rule changes.

The committee, according to the USA Today, unanimously agreed upon the possible change that is garnering the most attention. It reads if a player should be ejected for targeting a defenseless player above the shoulder in addition to the existing 15-yard penalty.

Chairman and Air Force coach Troy Calhoun said it is a real problem in the sport that needs to be eliminated. He also said there were 99 targeting penalties that happened this season where, under the proposed rule, the player would have been ejected, CBS Sports is reporting.

The other proposed rules include any block below the waist not in front of a defender illegal, a 10-second clock runoff with less than a minute left in either half when the only reason to stop the clock is for an injury, the Boise State rule that requires teams to wear jerseys or pants a different color than the field they play and a rule that would prevent a team from spiking the ball to stop the clock with less than three seconds on the clock.

The last five include the approval for all on-field officiating crews to use electronic communication during games, a rule if passed that would allow the Big 12 to use an eighth referee. Another suggestion by the committee would allow officials to use instant replay to measure time at the end of the quarter as well as each half. Finally, a team must announce when a player changes jersey numbers during a game and schools cannot have players with the same number at the same position.

Next, the Playing Rules Oversight Panel will meet on March 6 to accept or decline the proposed recommendations.

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