Controversial run by Matt Kemp lift Dodgers over Nationals

On Wednesday, the Washington Nationals raised a dispute on a missed call that allowed Dodgers Matt Kemp to score a point that shouldn’t have counted in their 7-6 loss against the LA Dodgers.

The dispute occurred in the fourth inning when the Dodgers had two outs and Kemp scored the sixth point. However, before Kemp touched the home base, Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman tagged runner Adrian Gonzalez. The umpire Alan Porter made the decision that Kemp touched home base before the Gonzalez was tagged out, according to

It didn’t seem like a big deal in the beginning as the Dodgers were up 5-0. But it became crucial as the game went on and the Nationals rallied up six points to tie the game by the eighth. Then Kemp came in the ninth and hit a homer that sealed the win.

National’s manager Davey Johnson told ESPN MLB, “They all discussed it, and evidently nobody was paying attention. Kemp wasn’t running. He just wasn’t running. The tag play was before.”

Even Kemp hinted that his run shouldn’t have counted, “I actually should’ve been running forward and not looking back. That was close. I don’t know if I quite made it. We got lucky right there. We stole a run.


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