Crowd boos LeBron James at Philidelphia exhibition game

NBA All-star LeBron James was reportedly booed by the crowd at Sunday’s exhibition game in Philadelphia.

According to CBS Sports, the game, which was held at the Palestra, was between Team Melo, which consisted of James, Carmello Anthony and Chris Paul, and Team Philadelphia, which consisted of Tyreke Evans, Kyle Lowry and Hakin Warrick. Team Melo lost 131-122 even though LeBron James scored 43 points and made 23 rebounds.

James was not only booed during the player introductions, but also multiple times during the game, including when he stepped up to Warrick to take a charge in the third quarter.

The Associated Press reports that Anthony scored 31 points with 17 rebounds. Kyle Lowry scored 34 points and Lou Williams had 31 for Team Philadelphia. Evans made 18 points and had 18 rebounds while Warrick scored 19 points and made 12 rebounds.

Though James’s problem in the NBA Finals was his fourth quarter performance, his problem in the game was his first quarter performance. James scored only four points in the first quarter.

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