Denver Nuggets made bid for coach Doc Rivers

After firing coach George Karl not too long ago, the Denver Nuggets recently offered a first-round pick to the Boston Celtics in exchange for having Doc Rivers as their new head coach.

These trade talks came before all of the Celtics-Clippers drama, says Yahoo! Sports, but only lasted as long as a brief conversation between Nuggets CEO Josh Kroenke and Celtics GM Danny Ainge. At the time, the Celtics didn’t want to part with their coach.

Now, amidst all the back-and-forth of the Clippers-Celtics potential blockbuster, the Nuggets have been talking to two of the top coaching candidates this off-season, Lionel Hollins and Brian Shaw. Shaw must be hoping to get this job after losing the Brooklyn Nets’ coaching position to rookie-coach Jason Kidd. Both Shaw and Hollins reportedly made very good impressions in their interviews this week with Kroenke and the Nuggets’ new general manager Tim Connelly.

The Celtics are looking to start a quick rebuilding process which Doc Rivers does not want to be a part of, but the Clippers are not willing to offer compensation for the Celtics excusing the coach contractually.

With about a week left till the NBA Draft on June 27, most teams with coaching vacancies are scrambling to find a new coach to make sure they draft a player that fits the system the new coach wants to install. The Philadelphia 76ers, however, are not.

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