Derek Jeter back on the field

Last October Derek Jeter, New York Yankees captain, broke his ankle. Monday he was back on the field working out.

The Associated Press reports that Jeter was in the batting cages and fielded 55 grounders at shortstop. On his way out he said, “Everything went well.”

This is a good sign for the Yankees because this is the time Jeter would start his pre-spring training. This means that he will most likely start against Boston in the season opener April 1.

It was October 13 when Jeter broke his ankle in the AL championship in Detroit. He had surgery a week after and has been working towards getting better since. Jeter’s therapy has included walking on an underwater treadmill, he won’t run until spring training most likely.

Newsday reports that general manager Brian Cashman said about the situation, “He’s right where he needs to be. Obviously, the whole plan is to get him ready for Opening Day. We’ll start with guardrails, I’m sure, early in the spring and take things slowly, but he’ll get to where he needs to . . . We’ll protect him early in the spring whether he needs it or not.”

Hopefully Jeter will be back to himself and can play all season since the Yankees lost Alex Rodriguez until the All Star break and Nick Swisher has signed with the Cleveland Indians.

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