Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera expected to start the season despite an eye injury

Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera is confident that he will be ready to take the field on Opening Day.

The third basemen was hit with a hard hit ball under his right eye in a game against the Philadelphia Phillies on March 19.  He was diagnosed with a non-displaced fracture of the orbital.

Cabrera had eight stitches under his eye, but is not feeling any pain. The swelling is manageable,  and his vision has not been impaired.

“I’ll be ready. Don’t worry,” Cabrera said.

Cabrera will be visiting the doctor on Tuesday and hopes to be back in the line-up for as soon as possible.

“If we get medical clearance, he’ll be in the lineup opening day,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. “If they want to sit on this another week, that’s different.”

After the incident, Cabrera said that he watched the replay over and over.

“I wanted to see if I did something wrong or if there’s something I could have done better,” Cabrera explained. “But there’s nothing I could have done. At the last second, it just hit me in the eye.”

Last season Cabrera hit .344 with 30 home runs and 105 RBIs.

The Tigers’ next game will be tomorrow against the Houston Astros.

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