Dodgers lose to Diamondbacks

On Wednesday, the LA Dodgers faced their division rivals the Arizona Diamondback at Chase Field. After a close match, the Dodgers lost 3-2.

Dodger’s manager Don Mattingly talked about the loss to ESPN, saying, “It feels good that you’re able to score two early. But that feeling goes away as you’re not able to add on. As the game gets later, you’ve given the momentum back.”

For the past 14 games, the Dodgers struggled offensively but for the first time, the Dodgers started off strong in the first inning as first baseman Adrian Gonzalez doubled in two runs for a quick lead.

As the game progressed, right-handed pitched Aaron Harang allowed three consecutive runners to reach base. This allowed Diamondbacks Justin Upton to tie the game and Randy Chaote to give Arizona the lead, according to SBNation.

The Dodgers were only able to win six of the 18 games against the Diamondbacks.

Losing this game was crucial as the Dodgers missed their chance to tie the St. Louis Cardinals for the national league wild card race.

The Dodgers will face the Cardinals in a four game series that may alter the race.


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