Dodgers Stadium catches fire during Saturday night’s game

The Dodgers are not a team you could describe as “on fire” this season, but their stadium was on Saturday night.

Early in the fifth inning of the Marlins-Dodgers game, a small fire broke out in a warehouse on the reserve level of the stadium, The Los Angeles Times reports.

While it is unknown as to how the fire was started, the Los Angeles Fire Department was able to put out the blaze of small paper products within 20 minutes.

When the smoke became visible on the field, a stadium spokesperson made an announcement in the middle of the sixth inning, informing everyone that there was no need to evacuate and the fire was under control.

Fans seated near the smoking area were quickly moved to the other side of the ballpark while game play continued as normal.

Marlins center fielder Chris Coghlan told The Palm Beach Post, “I don’t know how many stadiums could say that and continue playing.”

“When you got in the batter’s box, you had to clear your eyes,” he added. “It was smokey the whole way.”

In what turned out to be an all-around embarrassing night for the Dodgers, the team lost, 6-1, to the Marlins. The Dodgers are 23-30 on the season and currently sit in fourth place in the NL West.

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