Dolphins fans boo Henne at training camp and start Orton chants

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After several conflicting reports as to whether the deal is completely dead or not, Miami Dolphins fans have been making their intentions clear at the team’s training camp.

The Dolphins fans in attendance for the team’s Sun Life scrimmage booed starting quarterback Chad Henne after underthrown passes, and randomly started “We Want Orton” chants.

According to Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated, Kyle Orton has been widely outplaying Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn in the Broncos’ camp so far.

It has been reported that compensation for the Broncos was the main issue holding up the trade, but other reports have suggested that the issue was Orton himself.  It had been reported that the compensation was agreed upon between the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins, but the issue of negotiating a new contract for Kyle Orton had become the issue for the Dolphins.

It had also been believed that the Broncos had told the Dolphins that they didn’t have to trade Orton to them, and it was unknown if it was a bluff or if the Broncos were seriously fine with keeping Orton as their starter for another year.  After that rumor leaked, the Dolphins signed former Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Matt Moore, presumably as a means of calling the Broncos’ bluff.

If the Orton-to-Miami deal is truly dead, then the Broncos would either end up keeping Orton as the starter, or praying for another team to have a quarterback injury to necessitate a trade.

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