Dolphins release quarterback David Garrard

On Tuesday, the Miami Dolphins decided to release quarterback David Garrard onto free agency.

The 34-year-old quarterback signed with the Dolphins during the offseason but suffered a minor knee injury. The injury didn’t occur during practice but from off field activities.

“I wasn’t out playing basketball or football with my son,” Garrard stated. “I saw him running for the pool and I turned and felt some popping and clicking. I went in and told [the trainers] that, but that wasn’t the cause. It had been swelling up on me throughout camp.”

Garrard had to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery about a month ago.

Garrard entered training camp as being the number one option being in front of Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill. The knee injury however, was enough to have him sidelined for the preseason games.

Due to Garrard’s history of injuries and Tannehill’s impressive preseason performance, the Dolphins decided to go with the 8th overall first round draft pick Tannehill as starter with Matt Moore as his back up.


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