Donald Jones retires from NFL due to kidney disease

Tormer Buffalo Bills wide receiver Donald Jones is retiring from the NFL due to a kidney disease he has been dealing with his entire life.

In his Twitter announcement, Jones mentions how hard his departure from the game is for him, but that he knows it the right decision for him to make. He mentions that now that he is done with football he will have more focus on helping various kidney foundations to increase awareness about issues relating to kidney disease.

“I’ll always look at it like I was definitely an up-and-coming guy who had a bright future ahead of him,” Jones, 25, told “But if I look at it that way, I’ll just get down.

“I just try to be positive about everything and realize everything happens for a reason. Playing in the NFL, for me, was bigger than just playing. I want to get (kidney and health) awareness up. Playing in the NFL was just a stepping stone to get my awareness up.”

According to, Jones blood pressure rose drastically to 250 over 110 with running on a treadmill as part of a standard stress test during a physical with the Indianapolis Colts; this incident was the deciding factor for Jones in his decision to retire.

Here is Jones Twitter announcement of his retirement:

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