Dustin Pedroia playing through thumb ligament tear since Opening Day

Second baseman Dustin Pedroia has been playing through a torn thumb ligament since Opening Day against the New York Yankees.

According to MLB.com, Pedroia first injured his thumb while diving head first into first base (never ends well), and has kept the injury a secret until today. Pedroia feels that there is no need to reveal an injury if still able to play.

“If you miss time, yeah, you should be able to reveal it to everybody, but guys who are playing, there’s no point in talking about anything,” Pedroia said.

The injury generally takes about two months to heal but has yet to affect Pedroia’s performance on the field.

Wednesday night against the Philadelphia Phillies, Pedroia went 1-3 and is now batting .332, according to ESPN. Pedroia’s stats are hardly that of a guy playing with a torn thumb ligament. I can hardly pick up a pencil when I jam my finger playing basketball, let alone swing a bat and whip a baseball all over the field.

Pedroia and the Red Sox will play one more game against the Phillies before traveling to New York on Friday to face the Yankees.

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