America’s Got Talent Season 11 Finals: Grace VanderWaal vs Laura Bretan for $1 million?

America’s Got Talent Season 11 Finals: Grace VanderWaal vs Laura Bretan for $1 million?

America’s Got Talent Season 11 finals slated 10 remaining contenders for the prize money worth $1 million at stake. The finalists are singers Grace VanderWaal, Laura Bretan, Linkin’ Bridge, Brian Justin Crum and Sal Valentinetti as well as the diverse groups that include Contortionist Sofie Dossie, juggler Viktor Kee, Clairvoyants, magician Jon Dorenbos, and Tape Face.

The question is who will conquer America among the 10 remaining contestants of the competition? Will it be Grace VanderWaal or Laura Bretan? Based from various predictions stated earlier, these were the two names that popped out when it comes to determining the winner of America’s Got Talent Season 11.

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With that being said, it sounded obvious as there were two young girls that stole the spotlight during their stage presentations that captured the hearts of the people around the world.

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Hence, there is a high chance that the 12-year-old singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal to win America’s Got Talent Season 11, because of her unbelievable talent in song composition and her unique singing voice. Aside from her, the 14-year-old opera singer Laura Bretan could also triumph in the same event.

When weighing the two contestants, the judges will find it hard to choose between the young girls, since they’re both “unbelievable” and Golden Buzzer recipients.

Grace VanderWaal sang her new compositions, with a ukulele accompaniment, in each round of the competition like she’s having a concert in the show. Thus, many of the fans have predicted that this girl wins.

However, Grace VanderWaal might have to battle against a close rival Laura Bretan, a 14-year-old aspiring opera singer from Romania, before she could earn the title as the new winner of America’s Got Talent Season 11. Given that Laura Bretan has already won the same contest in her own country (Romania’s Got Talent), she might deter Grace’s fate in the last round.

Laura told Daily Herald that she’s praying to God that she can do well in the nearing final round of the competition. “I’m so nervous, but so excited. I just pray that God helps me do a good job,” she said.

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She also added that a series of projects have already been planned after America’s Got Talent Season 11 finale. One of them is an invitation to sing with David Foster in Rome.

America’s Got Talent Season 11 airs every Tuesday and Wednesday, 7 pm on NBC.

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  • Jerry Hatfield

    What a slanted article! Laura’s nice enough, and Grace and her are friends backstage. Yes, Laura won in Romania. Meh. Opera is a bit more appreciated there and the competition probably less, but Grace VanderWaal with her blinding charisma has the audience eating out of her hand when performing. Every time! And with only a minuscule fraction if the large audience experience of all the other acts. Yes, Laura has her fans but let’s be real. Laura needed a Dunkin’ Save to stay alive in the competition. For every one of her fans, Grace has a thousand. The only conceivable threat to Grace is that Crum guy, and he’s a style over substance pro singing covers. I’d be stunned if Grace lost to him – or anyone else.

    • Hello, Jerry! In your opinion, who among the remaining contestants deserves to be the next America’s Got Talent winner and why?

      • Jerry Hatfield

        Hi Mecyll! IMO, Grace VanderWaal has already won for most people. She’s flown in the face of the conventional wisdom which said you never play your own music in there competitions and utterly destroyed it by playing her originals not once, but four times, and she let it rip Tuesday night. You have to love an iconoclast. All that remains is her coronation Wednesday, and she deserves it. I admire all the other acts hanging in there and trying in the face of her dazzlingly brilliant talent. She gave it everything tonight, and after only her third televised live performance, she came close to the relaxed way she sings in her comfort zone back home at the open mike nights. She gave it everything she had, and shown more vocal chops than anyone imagined she possessed. I stopped watching talent shows years ago because they turn out so much rubbish and only just happened to catch Grace as she walked out for her audition and stayed to watch for a minute. I became a fan after the first two bars. Her original song “Beautiful Thing” will become a standard, and you’ll hear it played at weddings like they used to play “Close to You.” Her song tonight will become, overnight, the worlds anti-bullying movement anthem. The young lady had phenomenal instincts and prodigious talent. She has the level of charisma which unconsciously commands affection and love on first hearing and sight. She owns the stage, has a beautiful voice in spite of the critics, has a great sense of humor and an amazing fashion sense. If that weren’t enough blessings, she’s photogenic as hell. Obviously I’m a fan, and looking forward to see where her career takes her. IMO a talent like her comes along once or twice in our lifetimes. Check her YouTube channel and you’ll probably agree.

        • Hey, Jerry! Grace is really great! She’s unique right from the start of AGT anyway. So, she already got the audience’s attention. After AGT, maybe she’ll release an album and earn VMA next year! 🙂

  • fanta pepsi

    Well, I don’t think Laura has a real chance at winning AGT.
    She’s by far my favorite, but this will be a popularity contest and not really a ‘talent’ contest. Plus it’s really hard to judge talent as well. Let’s say Grace sounds more ‘American’ than Laura and she’s obviously very popular in this moment.
    By the way, Laura is from US, not from Romania. She’s of Romanian origins, which is different than letting people believe she’s an outsider stealing an ‘American’ spot in the contest.
    Laura and Sofie Dossi are the ones I like the most! Not sure they will be in top 5, but I wish them all the best and hopefully this experience will give a push forward to their careers.

    • Hello, Fanta! Thanks for your comment. Who do you think will win in AGT? If Jerry [the one who comment above] says that Brian Crum is the closest rival to Grace VanderWaal in the winning spot, do you think Laura could also win the competition, too?

    • Jerry Hatfield

      Yes, it comes down to popularity, but after Tuesday night, nobody can deny that Grace has more raw talent in her craft than anyone else competing. Truth is, for the past three weeks, it’s been The Grace VanderWaal Show and not AGT.