Angelina Jolie turns to Johnny Depp for comfort and advice; could spark romance for ‘Tourist’ stars?

Angelina Jolie turns to Johnny Depp for comfort and advice; could spark romance for ‘Tourist’ stars?

Angelina Jolie is going through rough times and she finds comfort with her closest friend Johnny Depp. Rumors are swirling that Jolie has asked for advice from Depp, sparking talks of reviving their romance since filming the “Tourist” together.

The Sun reported that Jolie has always been a fan of Depp and that fondness grew when she co-starred with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” lead star in the film back in 2009. Ever since then, the two have been close. Sources tell that Jolie stood by Depp during the actor’s divorce with Amber Heard and it is likely that Depp to return the favor.

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Jolie has even hired Depp’s counsel, Laura Wasser, to represent her in the divorce case she filed against her estrange husband, Brad Pitt. The source added that the hiring was upon Depp’s recommendation.

Jolie shocked the showbiz industry when she announced the filing for divorce with Pitt. The couple got married in 2014 but were together since 2004. In their 12 years of being together, they have six children namely Maddox and Pax, Zahara, who are all adopted, and biological children Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne.

The marriage took an ugly turn over the past days as Jolie noted that Pitt is a “risky father” to their children. She added that his substance abuse and alcoholism has affected his role in being a father to their children.

As Jolie is busy working on her next move in her divorce case, Pitt is busy trying to question Jolie’s credibility. TMZ reports Pitt revealed that Jolie has plans of an even higher position with the United Nations.

Jolie, 41, has been known for her charity works and it involves mainly with the United Nations as its Special Envoy to war-torn countries. This is one thing that pisses Pitt off as sources tell that when Jolie is out on her charity works she bring the children with her. Even though she hires the best security unit, Pitt is still not happy with the situation Jolie places her children with.

In short, Jolie’s UN ambitions have caused some holes in their marriage. Pitt, claims that she is putting the children in security risks. Sources tell that Jolie has two political advisers in the UN and has her own “war room” to help her with decisions and her reputation.

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It is obvious that Pitt is doing everything to get joint custody with their children. Pitt has maintained that when Jolie made their divorce public, it placed the kids on security alert. The media have tried to get photos of Jolie and the kids at their rented $95,000 a month home.

Aside from staying in a beach front house rented days before Jolie filed the divorce. The actress also has blocked all messages and calls from her estranged husband.

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