Can Henry Cavill movie ‘Man of Steel 2’ live up to the hype of a reborn Superman?

Can Henry Cavill movie ‘Man of Steel 2’ live up to the hype of a reborn Superman?

Henry Cavill posted on social media what to expect in his upcoming “Man of Steel 2” movie, but questions and rumors are swirling if it would be enough to live up to the hype. Would it also be able to do justice with the reborn of Superman?

Cavill has been teasing about a comeback for Superman on a black suit, the kind of suit that he wore in DC’s 1990’s storyline. This was after he failed toe-to-toe with Doomsday. Many say that if Cavill will be faithful in sticking out with how the comics played the return of the superhero, the movie might smash the Box Office upon its release which is set for a 2019 release. But rumors are saying that Cavill’s Superman is due for a stint with the “Justice League” by Nov. 17, 2017.

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The movie project is now in the works and both DC Films and Warner Bros. have picked J.J. Abrams to direct the film’s sequel. As both production outfits are still looking at which villain will take center stage with Superman, simple details have not gone unnoticed by fans. Especially with the curly hair look that was posted on social media recently. Though many have contested it as one of the holdover pictures from the Superman vs. Batman film, investigations have been launched to determine its origin as well.

The said picture has been taken out, but Cinema Blend described it as a photo taken of Cavill on the set of Justice League. It also noted that compared to his last Superman look his hair was slicked back, but in the photo, a classic little curl was seen hanging down in his face. The hair look is the same with that depicted in the comic books and for those who played the role in the past. The photo shot becomes intriguing as it could be an indication of a new and improved Superman coming back from the dead.

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Many speculate that Cavill will don the black suit at one point in the “Justice League” flick, but eventually he will return to his classic blue and red costume. It will be a sort of transition from the coming back from the dead and move on with life.

Whatever happens, Superman will always be a big thing with its mass fan base. Many hope that they would stick faithfully with the storyline from the comic books without destroying its cinematography with Cavill in character. If that happens, then surely it will bring movie fans storming movie houses around the globe.

Photo Courtesy: Sue Lukenbaugh/Flickr