‘Castle’ cancelled: Fans’ fight for gender equality wins

‘Castle’ cancelled: Fans’ fight for gender equality wins

As some of the fans of ABC’s series Castle backlash over the announcement of the cancellation of the 8-season running show, other fans who found it violating gender equality rejoices.

The show’s 8th season finale served as its very last episode, as ABC decided that it is best for all of the cast because of the complaints it has received after the shocking announcement of Stana Katic and Tamala Jones being released from the show.

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Stana Katic, who portrays police officer Kate Beckett and Tamala Jones who plays Lanie Parish are the only female leads who play as a crime fighter in the show. The two female casts were said to have been laid off because of the tight budget situation of the show.

Rather than commenting on her being fired from the show, Katic instead focused on being grateful to the cast and crew for the opportunity to be part of it on her statement after the announcement, and showing her appreciation to the support of her fans through her social media accounts.

Jones was, however, surprised that the announcement came out mid-air of the season, saying she expected it to be out after the season. Jones still thanked ABC for letting her have a long-time running job, and showed her support for the show by saying that she hopes that fans still continue to watch it if it is set up for a 9th season.

The series also had a problem with the gradual decline of its ratings, which worsened when Katic left the show.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Castle official page