Criminal Minds Season 12 Spoilers: Luke Alvez murders Thomas Gibson’s character as Hotch in second episode?

Criminal Minds Season 12 Spoilers: Luke Alvez murders Thomas Gibson’s character as Hotch in second episode?

After Thomas Gibson’s dismissal, latest Criminal Minds Season 12 spoilers hinted a chance wherein a new character Special Agent Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) could step into Aaron “Hotch” Hotcher’s position for the investigation. In addition, Hotch dies in the series.

Recently, the American hit series Criminal Minds Season 12 has finally premiered on Wednesday, with Thomas Gibson on the scene. That means the earlier reports about cutting his parts proved untrue.

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The BAU team along with the chief Aaron Hotchner were having a usual day, busy investigating another case. Yet, the questions began to rise up after the premiere episodes. The majority thought about how Hotchner’s character will disappear, given that Thomas Gibson received an unexpected dismissal from CBS Television Studios and ABC Studios lately.

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According to International Business Times, there is a high possibility that the BAU chief will die in the series. The only way to do that is to use the new BAU member Special Agent Luke Alvez.

Several theories suggested that the writers could use the prison break case in the season 11 finale. With that said, it is possible to use Special Agent Alvez as part of the series’ backstory, which is agreeable, since he is the only one who was able to step on Hotchner’s position to take the lead of the investigation. That scene alone created speculations.

The same source stated that working with the BAU team is not a cakewalk for him. In fact, Adam Rodriguez told Entertainment Weekly that his character struggled working with a complicated team.

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“You’re not getting somebody that’s coming in as an expert just jumping into the mix. You’re going to watch Luke work his butt off to try and catch up [with] these people [who] are already so great at what they do. I think it’ll be fun to watch this guy do what he does and have the skill set that he does to add to the team,” Rodriguez said.

Criminal Minds Season 12 airs every Wednesday at 9pm EST on CBS.

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