‘Deadliest Catch’ Update: Sig Hansen steps aside to recover as brother Edgar to head the Northwestern in season 13?

‘Deadliest Catch’ Update: Sig Hansen steps aside to recover as brother Edgar to head the Northwestern in season 13?

Captain Sig Hansen has to face a new reality in his life that includes stepping back and fixing himself. Rumors are swirling that Edgar Hansen will take over the Northwestern in season 13 of Discovery Channel’s reality series “Deadliest Catch.”

In the show’s special entitled “Sig Hansen Legacy,” Hansen went emotional when his wife, June, offers his grandfather’s ring to him. Hansen promised to fix the ring and upon seeing it gotten fixed, he knew what decision needs to be done.

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The ring was a surprise for Hansen, who celebrated his 50th birthday with his family. Upon putting on the ring, Hansen links to his past. It was also a reminder of the things Hansen has to lose if he does not make the right decision.

“After seeing the other side of things and going back to that last event, it really made me think of being here. Every second count and I want to make sure everything will be okay. I mean there is no family if I do not take care of myself. So, that is the priority and I guess changes have to make plain and simple,” Sig said.

The show also had Edgar Hansen, who is the relief captain and deck boss of the Northwestern, getting ready for another crabbing season. Sig knows that the boat will be in good hands. Edgar hints that his older brother will never quit fishing. But with the recent development of his health, Sig might consider stepping aside to recover before making his comeback.

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It was not an easy decision for Captain Sig Hansen and he knows that the road to recovery will hard. But Hansen is ready to give it a try for his family and their legacy. In the Bering Sea, Hansen is a hard driven captain who will push his crew even in grueling hours. With his present condition, he needs to drive himself harder if he ever wants to go back fishing.

Season 13 of the “Deadliest Catch” will manage to go on without Hansen for a while. Once Hansen develops how to stay stress-free and flushes the urge to smoke, he could be back in no time. As what Hansen’s doctor told him that all he can do is recommend, but the decision still rests on Hansen himself.

Photo Courtesy: vnorthwestern/Wikimedia

  • jon

    If you comeback back you need to just CO-captain that boat with Edger. And get Edger off deck too. Because then you guys can do shifts of 12 hours and right there will take at least 30 percent of the stress away. These guys never get enough sleep.