‘Dredd’ fails to make the box office hit, Karl Urban reveals proposed sequel axed?

Karl Urban tweeted that "Dredd 2" not happening

When the first reboot of the film “Dredd” hit the big screens in 2012, it did not seem to appeal moviegoers as it only grossed a total of $36 million from its $50 million budget, many were hoping for a sequel to start shooting but lead star Karl Urban stated on Twitter that no sequel is in development and that the proposed film sequel has been axed.

Urban gave “Dredd” fans something to look forward to when he told fans at the Denver Comic Con that plans of a “Dredd 2” is in development. Urban went on to say that the script is now in the works and that it would soon start filming. But Urban quickly retracted his statements with a post on Twitter saying that no sequel will be done in the future.

“Dredd update: Unfortunately a sequel is no closer to happening, options have been discussed but there is no sequel in ‘development,’” Urban posted.

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Truly, options have been discussed as fans signed up a petition online led by 2000ad and its owner Rebellion. It noted that “Dredd” should be given another chance on the big screen to redeem its self. They added that if not a big screen outing, then a television series could satisfy their hunger to see the future police cops, who acts as judge, jury and executioner to bring stability in the violent metropolis – Mega City One.

Rebellion co-founder and CEO Jason Kingsley told Pocket-Lint that a TV series of the movie which was originally famed by Sylvester Stallone back in 1995 might get a TV series gig. He noted that nothing has been official yet but they are working diligently to get an approval for a series gig. Kingsley stressed that if ever the TV series happens, Urban will still be the first choice for the lead role.

“We really want to get more TV stuff made and movie stuff made. There’s stuff happening in the background that’s really exciting. We’re a long way from anything announcing, but we’re working hard on that. It’s got to be done right. It’s almost worse to do something and do it badly, than not at all,” Kingsley said.

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He added that “Dredd” deserves a TV series whether it be on Netflix, HBO or Fox as rumored. Kingsley explained that there other sides of Dredd that can be explored if it would be made into a TV series and noted that Urban can be part of the planning as well.

“You could tell so many stories. There are so many brilliant epics. You could imagine one series of Dredd doing another Cursed Earth run. Karl’s a great guy, we know him well. He’s a big 2000ad fan – a genuine 2000ad fan. People say they’re a 2000ad fan but you ask them about details and they start to go all twitchy. Karl though is genuine. I think he brought that to the character, his childhood interpretation of it,” Kingsley stated.

For film companies, “Dredd” may have served his purposed but for the fans, Urban, and Kingsley, a sequel could make up for the needed stories to be told of a law enforcement officer in the dystopian future city of Mega-City One who is a “street judge”, empowered to summarily arrest, convict, sentence, and execute criminals.

Photo Courtesy: Chris Favero/Flickr

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