Eminem ‘Roots’ Release Date: Rap god debunks new album release; Helps Yelawolf with ‘Daylight’ single

Eminem 'Roots' Release Date: Rap god debunks new album release; Helps Yelawolf with ‘Daylight’ single

Eminem continues to elude questions of the release date of his rumored new album, titled “Roots.” However, the 43-year-old continues to spread his influence as he recently helped hip-hop artist Yelawolf with his latest single, “Daylight.”

Eminem has been quiet from the music scene and rumors state that he intends to release a new album following his Forbes fallout. Even Genius.com leaked the supposed 12-track album that will feature other artists.

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It stated that Eminem new album features Dr. Dre, Rihanna, Sia, Tech N9NE, Yelawolf, Jay-z and Tyler ‘The Creator.’ The new album is set to hit record bars early 2017, but Eminem’s camp would confirm such news.

One thing is for sure, Eminem is is still influential as he helped Yelawolf’s music video to reach the one million views on Facebook. iTechpost reported that this is not the first time that the two collaborated on a project.

Eminem got featured in Yelawolf’s song “Best Friend” and the two got featured in Skylar Grey’s “Twisted.” In fact, Yelawolf back in 2011 signed a recording contract to Eminem’s record label, Shady Records, which released his album debut “Radioactive.”

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Aside from helping other artist and possibly on his new album, Eminem is set for a tour in Canada next year. According to 99scenes, Eminem will take the stage at The Beachclub and will perform together with 18 artists in what is the biggest outdoor club in North America.

Eminem may have fallen from the list of the richest artists but it does not stop him from helping others get to where he is now. Although he is under the radar it does make him less of an artist as well.

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