‘Fifty Shades Darker’ new trailer brings more revelations as Christian Grey and his past catches up with him

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ new trailer brings more revelations as Christian Grey and his past catches up with him

It seems Christian Grey’s past has finally caught up with him as the new trailer of “Fifty Shades Darker” reveals more questions than answers. The second installment brings more thrill as new personalities will emerge to show who is the real Grey.

Entertainment New Online reports that intriguing questions come to flash after the release of the as the trailer Tuesday. In the new trailer, Grey and Anastasia Steele preps for a masquerade filled with fireworks not only literally but also with on secrets revolving around Grey.

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The last time the two met, Anastasia blew Grey off telling him that she does not want to play his mind games. In the movie which hits cinemas on Valentine’s Day, Grey will do everything to woe Anastasia back. He even had a gallery with all of Anastasia’s photo on it. But as he does, Grey’s past will come to haunt Anastasia with two of his former submissives trying to send her a message not to trust him.

But it seems Anastasia’s growing affection towards Grey is getting the best of her that she does not mind if she becomes a target for some. It would seem a person or an organisation is tailing her to find some sort of evidence to bring Grey down. Will they succeed?

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There are new characters have in the film and there is no telling if they are friends or foe. And that is for Anastasia to find out. Trust is one thing that the movie is trying to impart, trust that no matter what others would say about Grey would be immaterial.

Video Courtesy: Fifty Shades/YouTube.com

Fans of the first film will surely be up for more compelling twists and mind games that Grey’s past will show. Surely more trailers of the movie are for release that will tease more the fickle minded about what Grey has in store for Anastasia.

Photo Courtesy: Cocorayado15/Wikimedia Creative Commons