Grimm Season 6 not the last for the series?

Grimm Season 6 not the last for the series?

Four months ago, the once popular series, “Grimm,” got an extension from NBC for a sixth season but it’s truncated down to just 13 episodes. This was both good news and bad news for the fans of the show as at least they get closure and not immediately canned.

The main reason for NBC’s decision to cut down the series, and likely have the final “Grimm” season is because of its dwindling TV ratings. It was falling behind other networks series set on Fridays, like “Vampire Diaries”, “The Originals” on CW and “Sleep Hollow” on Fox. Other shows from ABC and CBS had also outperformed Grimm Season 5.

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The original full set of a series for Grimm series was at 22 and fans now have to settle for just 13 episodes when it returns on air in January 2017.

With fans protesting NBC’s move to cut it down to about half the original number of episodes and plans to can the show after Grimm Season 6, there is now an online petition requesting the studio to re-consider their decision on the show.

Thus far, the “extend the Grimm series petition” has 7,419 supporters, as of September 12.

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“Grimm fans want at least a season 7. We are petitioning NBC to reconsider their decision or another network such as TNT, to pick it up,” the petition from “Grimm fans” stated and started by a user named “Grimmster Family”.

“Grimm is a unique show with a huge range of stories yet to tell. We love the characters and the story lines keep us on the edge of our seats. It’s a Friday night staple. It is one of the few culturally diverse shows on television and has strong female characters. It has a huge local and international fan base, who are incredibly loyal and dedicated. The cast and writers are brilliant, hardworking and fan friendly. It has the best crew in the business. It is filmed in Oregon, where it receives tax incentives and creates local jobs.”

Grimm is about a homicide detective, Nick Burkhardt (played by David Giuntoli), who has supernatural powers, which helps him catch creatures with supernatural abilities. It also stars Russell Hornsby (as Hank Griffin), Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe), Sasha Roiz (Captain Renard), Reggie Lee (Sergeant Wu) and Elizabeth Tulloch (Juliette).

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NBC has not commented yet on changes of their plans for the Grimm series. But the show’s fans are hoping that their online petition convinces the NBC heads to add at least another season after Grimm Season 6.

Photo courtesy: thepetitionsite/Grimmster Family

  • lisa smith

    I love the series, Grimm. I hope it lasts for many more seasons.

  • Heggum VM Kaylee

    Please don’t take it away!! I’ll be so sad! Definitely the best sci-fi like show I have ever seen. I wait ALL year long for Nick, Trouble, and Wuu

  • maddyswatch

    The show is too imaginative and intelligent, no wonder the exec’s at NBC don’t “get it”. As far as falling behind the other Friday night shows? Their info is wrong. TV Guide does a daily ratings and Grimm was ALWAYS in the top three shows for the entire evening all year long. I hope the network will listen to the fans for a change. What will they give us in its’ place? Another boring evening of America’s Got Talent, ho hum. Or maybe another brainless dating show which requires the attention span of a gnat.

    • TashaTchin

      The management doesn’t like shows where the elites don’t win. Bad example to set for us little people, don’t you know?

  • maddyswatch

    Where are the citizens of Portland, Oregon in all this? How many other television series raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for local children’s hospitals? Come on, people, step up to the plate and let NBC know how you feel. Get on the networks’ Grimm webpage and go down to the bottom and click on “contact us” and leave a message. It is not that difficult. Remember, the squeeky wheel gets the grease. Do you really want another reality show or cop show or hospital drama? Get on it, now!

  • Melanie Burk Read

    For the past five years, Grimm is the only TV show I watch religiously. Since I’m really not a big TV fan, my dedication to this show speaks loudly about its appeal and holding power. I can’t imagine Friday nights without Grimm. Oh, I know it will have to end sometime, but I’m hoping not too soon.

  • debbieap

    Everyone needs to sign the petition to save grimm I just signed it its on Facebook go to Grimm page on fb

  • Monica

    I think networks should have a better way to know for sure how many viewers are watching. Something like while the show is on live a phone number appears and viewers are asked to call just to have their voice heard. I don’t believe that the system that they use counts all viewers. HOW many good shows have been canceled because The Network doesn’t have the true facts. GRIMM is such a good entertaining show I don’t want it to go away……..

  • TashaTchin

    The peacock network did the same thing to the original Star Trek series and look what happened. The stock holders lost how many millions of dollars on that deal? Management needs to be fired!