Guns N’ Roses Rumors: Axl Rose working with Slash, Duff McKagan on a new album?

Guns  N’ Roses Rumors: Axl Rose working with Slash, Duff McKagan on a new album?

As Guns N’ Roses are setting up for their summer reunion tour, frontman Axl Rose, who is just finishing his gig of stepping in for AC/DC’s vocalist Brian Johnson, is rumored to be working with bandmates Slash and Duff McKagan on a new album.

The 54-year-old singer, songwriter stated that he is working on some “new stuff” with Slash and McKagan but it is still unsure whether the “collaboration” will lead to a new album. The band is getting together for their reunion tour dubbed as “Not in This Lifetime” Tour that will kick off on June 23 at The Ford Field in Detroit. In an interview with the press and fans at China Exchange in London’s Chinatown, as part of the Prudential Series, Rose stated that he working with his former bandmates but is not quite sure if it will lead to making a new album.

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“We are working on a new stuff but I do not know…I have played some stuff with Slash and Duff, but we do not know if it might be on. But we have been talking about working together, so we’ll hope and see,” Rose said.

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Rose added that he has been doing a lot of vocal exercises to keep the quality of his voice. He also noted that doing AC/DC’s lead singer Brian Johnson’s “Back in Black,” which requires a lot of care to avoid hurting his voice. He added that he is working with a vocal coach so as to hit the notes and give justice to the song.

“For this tour the Brian Johnson ‘Black is Black’ is really quite demanding singing it wrong you will not be able to sing it again,” Rose added.

Rose noted that the AC/DC’s European tour ended last June 15 and according to Blabbermouth, Rose got good reviews from his performing with the band and AC/DC guitarist Angus Young thanked Rose for saving them from a great deal of trouble in stepping in for Brian Johnson, who was advised by doctors not to pursue the tour or else he will permanently lose his hearing completely.

“I mean, under the situation that we had, it was very good that he volunteered and said, ‘Hey, if I can help, let me try.’ So he’s been very good. And he had to learn a lot of songs very quickly, and he’s done a great job,” Young explained.

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For former bandmate Duff McKagan seeing Rose doing stuff with AC/DC was “magical” adding that it was the first time that they saw Rose not sitting in a wheelchair and performing. McKagan that he was with Slash as they went out to see Rose with AC/DC and described that Rose energized the band and got the crowd in the mix as well, which was “cool” to see.

“He was kicking the boot; he was doing the kicks. And it was really great to see… I’d never seen him, I guess, play… see him sing. And I think it energized the band — they were pretty energized — and the crowd was into it. It was cool. I’m super stoked for him,” McKagan noted.

Aside from the European Tour, AC/DC will also be holding their North American Tour and Young noted that they will start their tour by Aug. 27, five days after Rose completes his own gig with Guns N’ Roses summer reunion tour. Looks like AC/DC will once again rely on Rose to step in again for Johnson with rumors that Rose’s gig with them could mean being a permanent band member if Johnson’s condition does not improve soon. AC/DC’s North American tour with Rose on vocals will kick off in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Photo Courtesy: Edvill/Wikimedia