‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoiler: Tricia Helfer reveals who Charlotte is in Lucifer’s life?

‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoiler: Tricia Helfer reveals who Charlotte is in Lucifer’s life?

From a highway to Hell to the City of Angeles — this is how “Lucifer” Season 2 will progress with its story line as Tricia Helfer, who will play as Charlotte – Lucifer’s mom – revealed how her character will be introduced in the thick of things to come.

The 42-year-old “Battlestar Galactica” alumna noted that she will have a lot of challenges as the show introduces her character. Helfer told TV Line that once viewers see her character, Charlotte, they will understand what and who she is in the show.

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Charlotte will be introduced as the ex-wife of God, who was banished to Hell together with her son, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). It was also noted that one of the reasons why she escapes Hell was to have some quality time with his sons, which sounded ire rather than exciting.

“Very quickly once you meet her, you realize what she’s about and who she is. So we’re not going to leave people guessing. There’s been enough of that with the concern that she’s escaped from Hell,” Helfer said.

Helfer added that reading the script for the first two episodes for Season 2 excited her as she revealed that there are so many “layers” in the personality of Charlotte that she could play to contribute to the success of the show. She adds that she does not want to give away more information regarding her character so as not to give more spoilers for viewers.

“She claims that all she wants is to spend time with her sons again. There are a lot of layers to her. She’s going to be fun to play,” Helfer explained.

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Helfer is billed together with Ellis and DB Woodside and stressed that their ages are not that far from each other, which will also be a good side for the show. She adds that once the viewers see her, they will see it make sense that she was the one cast for the role.

“I heard it put, ‘She’s not really that much older [than Lucifer and Amenadiel].’ But it will all make sense once you see it,” Helfer added.

Helfer is set to join the cast of “Lucifer” which will start airing on Sept. 19 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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