‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Update: Who will play as mother to Tom Ellis from Hell?

‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Update: Who will play as mother to Tom Ellis from Hell?

Fox TV newbie series “Lucifer” has closed its season finale with a bang and already Tom Ellis is in question as to how Season 2 will evolve. One of which will is who will play as Tom Ellis’ mom who escapes from Hell?

In the final episode, Lucifer Morningstar played by Tom Ellis returned to Hell with the help from you know who after being framed for a murder and being shot at. Lucifer could not stop the bleeding from his gunshot wound as he becomes vulnerable in the presence of Chloe that he had to ask help from his “Dad.” Upon returning to hell and getting acquainted once again with his demonic brother Amenadile (D.B. Woodside), he is then tasked by his father to help in returning an escapee, his mother.

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Going in deeper into their family tree is exciting and writers for Season Two might try to explore this story line, having Season One dedicated to narrating how the Prince of Darkness got so bored with his responsibilities that he opted to “resign” from his post and decided to walk among the living and specifically in the City of Angels. Now, Season Two would be an intriguing one as family members of Ellis’ character would be revealed that will for sure spike more interest on the show.

For TV Line, the cast who will take in the role of Lucifer’s mom should be stone-cold, bad ass, young and a certified “hottie.” Legends has it that the mother of Lucifer and his brother is someone called “Asherah.” Rumors has it that Barbara Hershey is being considered to take the role, though no confirmation has been announced yet.

However, Ellis is excited to work with the show’s writers as to continue the story line and what possible topics that could bring in more viewers as well. He added that he is thankful for Fox TV giving them a second season as the whole team of the show wants to input more stuff for the next season.

“Our writers haven’t started back yet. We’ve all had a step away from the show for a bit. I’ll meet up with the writers soon, in the next few weeks, to talk about Season 2. On the back of how we left things, I’m very excited about that. We’ve got everyone on board who was there the last time, and I think they did a great job. It’s always nice to get another go at something. You can address the things that worked and you can iron out the creases of things that didn’t work so well, and you can see what people have responded to with the show. It’s a much more informed place to start from. I’m looking forward to it,” Ellis said through the Collider.

Aside from exploiting the possibility of Lucifer’s mom, speculations about the growing love affair between Lucifer and Chloe could also be explored though it has been reported that the romance between the lead stars is still in the works as they would want to establish first the history of the characters played by Ellis and Lauren German.

More things are expected to come in Season Two and fans would want also to know as to why Chloe is able to resist Lucifer’s charm, sexual advances and exposing her true desires. Fox TV has not yet announced the release date for Season Two, but if basing on the release date of Season One, fans should wait until January 2017.

Fox TV produced the newbie series “Lucifer” fantasy police procedural comedy-drama television series, which is based from the comic book series “The Sandman,” which later became the protagonist of the spin-off comic book series “Lucifer” written by Mike Carey, both published by DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint.

Photo courtesy: Official series website/fox.com

  • Artemyura

    *Amenadiel and he’s an angel, not a demon, so that should be corrected

  • Lawrence Eich

    I believe Lucifer’s so-called brother will Loose his grace! Banging the Hottie demon babe’ and his Minion killing people! Amended!

  • Lawrence Eich


  • RD81

    Easy trick for when you are writing the names of angels in the future (so you don’t spell their names wrong, again)

    All higher angels’ names end in -el (Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Azrael, Daniel, Barachiel etc.)
    And before you say that Lucifer doesn’t end in -el, that’s because his angel name is Samael (at least it is within the comic book/TV series universe)

    Biblically speaking, the devil’s actual name is never mentioned, and it is largely believed that “lucifer” was the name directed to the king of Babylon. “Satan” merely means “enemy” or “adversary”, and if that was his name from the beginning, that would kind of be a major spoiler alert to his eventual intentions, wouldn’t it?

  • jason t

    i have a strong feeling that Chloe’s Father is none other then Michael The Archangel..so she has half angel blood running through her veins so that is why Lucifer becomes normal anytime he is around Chloe and why he’s not able to use any of his powers towards her..just a thought

  • Denise Dubus-Tellier

    I picture Alex Kingston playing “Mom”. Regardless, I am looking forward to the next season! Awesome show so far!