Nicole Kidman Misses Father-in-law’s Funeral, Is The Couple Heading for Splitsvilla?

Nicole Kidman Misses Father-in-law’s Funeral, Is The Couple Heading for Splitsvilla?

When Nicole Kidman lost her father a year ago, husband Keith Urban was standing rock solid by her side to comfort her.

However, that was sadly not the case when Keith lost his father last month. Nicole was noticeably absent from her father-in-law’s funeral in Caloundra, Queensland.

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Is the couple heading for a splitsvilla then?

The answer is No.

US magazine Closer reported on Saturday that the 48-year-old actress couldn’t make the trip home due to work on a low budget indie film and Keith is quite “forgiving” about her absence.

According to the magazine, a source close to Keith said that the country crooner “would have liked to have had his wife by his side” but “he is very forgiving” about her absence.

Nicole is currently filming How to Talk to Girls at Parties in London, and in her absence the production would have been “severely impacted”.

Mail Online reports that the production of the independent movie would have shut down if Nicole had taken any time off thereby severely impacting the film’s small budget and halting the entire project.

Closer reports the source saying, “She is committed to her work. Keith loves that about her.”

Keith, 48, was visibly sombre and upset at his father, Robert Urban’s funeral who lost his battle with cancer. He died aged 73.

Mail Online reports that at the funeral, Keith paid a sweet tribute to his father by driving his dad’s beloved Lincoln Continental to the funeral while another guest arrived on a Harley Davidson. Robert had a passion for motorcycles.

Keith released a statement to US Weekly revealing his father had died. He thanked his fans for their “support”, and said that his father, who was affectionately called Bob, was “finally at peace.”

The couple however, were spotted together on Christmas Eve walking hand-in-hand through a shopping mall in California. It was the first time they were spotted together after the funeral.

Nicole who was earlier married to Tom Cruise married Keith in 2006 and have two daughters- Sunday Rose, seven, and Faith, four.

  • keithsmylove

    Dang, what a wife! Can’t support her husband when he needed her! I’ve always thought Keith was too good for her.

  • Ann

    Keith told Nicole to go to work, he’s a strong man, he work the night before and the same night his father has died, people think Nicole was at fault, they always discussed family matter that important to them, you thought Keith was too good for her, her family didn’t wants her to marry a coke head.

  • TOM

    I worked until both my parents were laid to rest, My mother had cancer and arranged her own funeral down to the last detail, and because I went to work that does not mean I love my parents less than any one else. People deal with death in different ways. This story is old news. Nicole, Keith and there family should be left alone to grieve, Some people would love them to split, I hope they last for ever .When this story dies down it will be another celebs turn to be ridiculed. Keithsmylove your out of luck Keith is head over heals in love with Nicole.I have seen them together. They praise each other all the time and Keith always mentions Nicole during his shows.
    We are all entitled to voice our opinions, but do we need to upset others by doing so.Keith and Nicole,s daughter Sunday Rose is able to read and may come across this rubbish , Keith was interviewed a while back and said how upset this rubbish makes him ,he does not read it ,but he hears about it. and its tomorrows fish wrapper . Never judge without facts, THEY ARE A LOVELY COUPLE, The pressure of all this must be heart breaking for them people reading into things that are not there, and as a wife Keith has said Nicole is a fabulous wife and mother. YOU SHOULD WATCH SOME OF HIS AND HER INTERVIEWS before passing comments, Keith,s dad was battling cancer for some years and during his last days went into a hospice, and Keith made several statements, Look them up. Anne Keith turned his life around nine years ago and he is a loving husband and father and does a fantastic job helping others. Nicole,s family love him.