‘PawnStars’ Chumlee moves on from past mistakes, vows to play active role in charity works

‘PawnStars’ Chumlee moves on from past mistakes, vows to play active role in charity works

“PawnStars” favorite star Chumlee, also known as Austin Lee Russell, stated that he has learned from his mistakes and is now on the road to moving forward. He is back working at the Gold and Silver Pawnshop. Chumlee even noted that he will be closely working in helping charitable institutes supported by their show.

Chumlee is now back in Las Vegas and News3 managed to interview him. Chumlee first thanked his family, friends and fans for the support given to him during his trying times. He added he has moved on following his arrest and day in court for drug and weapons charge. It would be remembered that Chumlee was arrested last March for the said charges and had his day in court.

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But in May, Chumlee managed to evade jail time as he made a plea bargain agreement with the Judge after he pleaded guilty to a felony weapons charge — unlawful possession of a firearm —and to a gross misdemeanor of attempted drug possession, in a deal calls for three years’ probation and counseling. Chumlee’s lawyer, David Chesnoff added that his client needs to stay away from trouble until 2019 for his charges to be dismissed. If Chumlee would violate any of his plea agreement, he would be taken by authorities and would face two to five years in a state prison.

“You know we always have to live with the choices we’ve made. Even more so, we have to learn from the choices we make, you know? I’m moving on. I don’t want to dwell on the past. You know I’m here and I’m just learning from my mistakes and I’m happy to be in a situation where I can move forward and I can still work every day, just good to be back to normal life doing what I know,” Chumlee said.

Chumlee added that part of his promise to stay away from trouble is to play a more active role in the “PawnStars” charitable institute. He stressed that aside from being active in helping in the charitable institute, Chumlee would also vow to be entertain viewers and fans of their show.

“The first company we’re going to be working with is the Epilepsy Foundation. It’s a charity we’ve been working with for quite a while,” Chumlee added.

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On the show, Chumlee is often portrayed as the comic foil, but often appraises items in his area of expertise of pinball machines, sneakers, and video games, and is considered the breakout character of the series, and a fan favorite.

Photo Courtesy: gsloan/Flickr