Report: Tom Ellis ready to juggle schedule for ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Miranda?’

Report: Tom Ellis ready to juggle schedule for ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Miranda?’

Tom Ellis is currently shooting Season 2 of Fox’s police procedural drama series “Lucifer,” and reports are swelling that Ellis is open to the idea of juggling his schedule for a return to “Miranda,” a popular television series made by ITV Studios Global Entertainment for the BBC.

In the series, Ellis plays the role of Gary Preston, the love interest of Miranda (Miranda Hart). The show started airing in 2009 and had its curtain fall in 2015 but according to, Ellis is open to the idea of revisiting his character. He even noted that he is in no rush with the idea of doing a movie or a doing a special based on the series that revolves around the main protagonist, Miranda.

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In the series’ synopsis, it describes Miranda who is desperate to fit in, but can’t. Her boarding school background and posh accent make her a misfit down the pub. She has never fitted in with “the girls” (not least because she’s a foot taller than them) and due to years of agoraphobic tendencies, she doesn’t know how to behave socially or how to avoid embarrassment, especially around men.

“We would love to revisit them at some point. The possibility of doing the movie, or a special, or something like that. Obviously, we bookended the series quite nicely and I think where do we go from here in terms of their story and the idea of them in their married life with children is something we’d like to explore,” Ellis said.

It seems that the lead actor in Fox’s “Lucifer” is bent on the idea of reprising his role on the sitcom that reaped numerous awards at the Royal Television Awards. With the idea of bringing back the hit sitcom, it would mean for Ellis to juggle his schedule, though no official word has been set out yet.

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Aside from “Miranda,” Ellis credits his rise to prominence with the TV series “Rush,” which he also plays the lead role Dr. William Rush, who practices medicine but was then fired by a major hospital but still went on practicing medicine to feed his drug addiction. Ellis noted that his portrayal of the devil could have a bit of relation to his character in the series, which was canceled after one season.

“I think Lucifer happened because I’d done a show over there called ‘Rush’ a couple of years ago and that was sort of the big turning point for me. I feel like I’ve been working for a long time and serving my apprenticeship so to speak, and I just felt ready to take on bigger meatier stuff. I just needed someone to take, I wouldn’t say a gamble, but someone to trust in me to do that,” Ellis explained.

Ellis is living the time of his life, with “Lucifer” given the green light for a second season is an accomplishment. But it seems Ellis’ devil character could not stop him from entertaining the thought of having a family with his TV stint in “Miranda.”

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