Rumors: 50 Cent’s ‘Tomorrow, Today’ faces legal battle; says his superhero is no impostor

Rumors: 50 Cent’s ‘Tomorrow, Today’ faces legal battle; says his superhero is no impostor

50 Cent, who is really known as Curtis James Jackson III, is facing a legal battle with his written superhero story entitled “Tomorrow, Today.” Rumors are swirling that 50 Cent cries foul and states that he is not an impostor and is ready to prove he is no fluke.

TMZ reported that JourStarr Publication has threatened Starz with a legal battle if they would not put a halt on the show’s production. JourStarr has called Starz to stop the show’s production or face a copyright infringement case. The publication claims that 50’s “Tomorrow, Today” is really patterned after Anthony Baltimore’s “Othello Greene: The Story Begins.”

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The publication has given Starz 10 days to stop its filming of the show or else the super legal battle will start. However, 50 Cent’s lawyer has another opinion on the matter. The lawyer noted that the supposed lawsuit is just a publicity stunt. He added that there is not connection, whatsoever with 50 Cent’s work with that of Baltimore.

“Mr. Jackson has neither met the author, heard of nor read this book,” the lawyer said.

50 Cent described his superhero story about a veteran who becomes an evil prison doctor’s experiment. Baltimore’s book is about an elite special ops soldier battling a terrorist out for world domination.

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50 Cent is calling foul on the thought that he copied an idea from Baltimore. The rapper turned actor and script writer has yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

Aside from “Tomorrow, Today” 50 also stars in Starz Original’s series “Power” as Kanan, who is an arch rival of the main character James “Ghost” St. Patrick played by Omari Hardwick.

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