Rumors: Adele affected by Brangelina break up? As Brad Pitt tells Angelina Jolie to prepare for long joint custody battle

Adele affected by Brangelina break up? As Brad Pitt tells Angelina Jolie to prepare for long joint custody battle

Singer-songwriter Adele joins millions around the globe in mourning for the split up of Hollywood’s “Brangelina.” Adele dedicated some songs for the couple and sends her love for them as well.

TMZ reported that Adele dedicated her concert gig Tuesday at the Madison Square Garden in New York to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Adele would pause between songs as she is totally shaken by the breakup. She told fans that she kept pondering on what happened and how the split has affected her as a fan also.

“I don’t like gossiping, and private lives are private, but I feel like it’s the end of an era. So I’m dedicating this show tonight to them,” the singer said onstage between songs. “I’m really sad … I got shocked upon hearing the news when I woke up this morning.”

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But as Adele mourns the breakup of what was foreseen as one tough relationship, a looming court battle is on the horizon. Brad Pitt is not taking things lightly with Angelina Jolie’s plan for sole custody of their six children. He will fight it out for a joint custody of their children namely Maddox and Pax, Zahara, who are all adopted, and biological children Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne.

A source close to Pitt stated that the 52-year old actor will use all legal means necessary for joint custody. TMZ reported that aside from filing a divorce, Jolie will also be asking the court for sole custody of the kids. Jolie is amendable to give Pitt his visitation rights as their father.

“There’s no chance that’s going to happen,” was how the source said about Pitt’s reaction on the matter.

The statement tells it all that a fierce legal battle is on the horizon for the custody of the children. Jolie has accused Pitt of being a “risky father” with his addiction to weed and alcohol plus his anger issues. However, the same source narrated that Pitt was quick to described Jolie as a “great mother” and does not want to hurt her in the divorce.

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The topic of divorce was not an alien topic for the troubled couple as they have been frankly talking about it. However, a devastated Pitt is simply pissed off att how Jolie handled the thing by going public. Pitt wanted the divorce process done quietly and handled as “matured adults.”

A very angry Pitt explains that by going public, the lives of the children are at risk as paparazzi will surely try to invade their privacy. He does not want the kids traumatized by all the media attention.

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