Rumors: Cristiano Ronaldo says relationship status with Cassandre Davis is purely friendship?

Rumors: Cristiano Ronaldo says relationship status with Cassandre Davis is purely friendship?

Portuguese football team captain Cristiano Ronaldo has not confirmed any intimate relationship with fitness model Cassandre Davis after the two had been spotted cuddling by a pool in Miami.

Ronaldo, who was having an extended vacation following their triumph at the European League after beating France, was seen extra sweet towards Davis. TMZ noted that the two did not seem to care about the people they were with as they showed public display of affection towards each other. There was even a point when  Ronaldo planted a kiss on Davis’ forehead. Despite these though, he still keeps silent on the status of their relationship.

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It was also noted that during Ronaldo’s time in Miami, he met a lot of women but Davis seemed different from the others. Reports tell that both Ronaldo and Davis have known each long before and are reportedly in close contact with each other. Sources also tell that the two are just “casual” friends but actions through their photos tell another story.

Aside from his stay in Miami, Ronaldo has already shut down any expectations to see him play for Portugal in the Rio Olympics. It is likely that Ronaldo will sit it out as he prepares to go back and train with Real Madrid for another stint in the Spanish football league La Liga.

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Ronaldo’s time in Miami was just to blow some steam off from the stiff competition at this year’s Euro League. It was also a time for him to relax and reacquaint himself with friends such as Davis. It seems that his friendship with Davis could hit the next level with the PDA that they showed.

As Ronaldo goes back to train with Real Madrid for their La Liga campaign, fans and trolls will eagerly wait for any update regarding of the outcome of his relationship with Davis. One thing is for sure, Davis will have lots of Instagram followers due to his workout videos.

Photo Courtesy: Дмитрий Журавель/Wikimedia