Rumors: Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris back in each other’s arm?

Rumors: Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris back in each other’s arm?

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris finally raised the white flag as the former troubled called a truce and opened their communication lines. Rumors are swirling that Swift and Harris are starting their relationship from scratch sparking a reunion.

The two had a nasty break up back in June with Swift accusing Harris of cheating. It was one of the nastiest breaks up as Harris figured in a car crash week prior to it. The couple had a 15-month old relationship.

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Since then, Harris went on single confinement while Swift managed to rebound with Tom Hiddleston. But the romance did not last long as well. TMZ reported that it was not clear who first texted who but the important thing is that both Swift and Harris burying the hatchet.

However, sources say that as the two opened their communication lines it is not to rekindle the old fire between them. The two have not yet bumped into each other nor have spoken over the phone. They were strictly texting each other on patching up things that happened in their past relationship.

A source told Us Magazine that judging from how Swift and Harris are going they are slowly getting along. But slams any sign of a romance in the air, as of yet.

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Aside from the cease-fire, Harris also stressed that his new single “My Way,” is nowhere close about Swift. Rather, the British singer-songwriter explained that the song was about his experiences working at a grocery store. He also dismissed Swift’s claims they collaborated for the song.

Opening their communication lines is a good start for both Swift and Harris. It could be a good foundation and everyone won’t be surprised if they level up their relationship from there.

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