Top Gear revs for May 29 launch with Jesse Eisenberg as guest as Brad Pitt’s replacement

Top Gear revs for May 29 launch with Jesse Eisenberg as guest as Brad Pitt’s replacement

Top Gear is set to rev TV screens on May 29 with its new presenters and will feature “Batman vs. Superman” actor Jesse Eisenberg, who replaced Brad Pitt after filming commitment. The opening episode will also feature a salute to the 1986 classic “Top Gun” and the anonymous test driver known as “The Stig”, played by numerous racing drivers over the course of the series.

According to the show’s website the opening episode for the new series will have presenter Chris Evans to Nevada to pit the 645bhp Dodge Viper ACR against a Chevy Corvette Z06 driven by Sabine Schmitz which will also be honoring the 1986 classic Top Gun, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

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The episode will also have the show’s other presenter Matt LeBlanc in Morocco for some fun and will then team up with Evans back in London to take a rain-soaked road trip to Blackpool in a pair of roofless Reliant Rialto.

The show also confirmed that the show’s first studio guest for the season will be “The Social Network” and “Batman vs. Superman” star Jesse Eisenberg, alongside Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay.

According to the Daily Mail, Eisenberg came as a last-minute replacement after actor Brad Pitt after Pitt begged off the show due to some filming issues and The Sun reported that the show had to make a mad rush to find his replacement since Evans is not so known in the United States, showrunner Gordon Ramsay is hoping that putting two Hollywood stars on the show every week would be able to do the magic in marketing on U.S. soil.

“He played Lex Luthor in the latest Batman vs Superman movie but is not a heart-throb or a name anything like Brad. Chris Evans is not known in the US so they’ve had to bring in two guests instead of one each week to build the brand out there,” The Sun wrote.

Brad Pitt is currently in the UK filming the sequel to World War Z with his wife Angelina Jolie and their children.

On the other hand, Chris Evans has blasted critics about him handling a long time motoring magazine show aired over BBC. Evans tells critics to give the new team at Top Gear a chance to prove themselves and not brand them as the cause of the show’s “imminent cause of death.”

“As a consequence of the mud-slinging, I have taken to daily, contemplative soaks in the bathtub of ‘worst-case scenario.’ I am a realist hoping for the best while preparing for potential imminent career death. To anyone getting grief from untalented weasels in our industry, whose only role in life has evolved into peddling slander about others in order to extend their otherwise moribund existence, STEP ASIDE, ALLOW ME,” Evans said.

The new series of Top Gear begins on May 29 on BBC Two. It is scheduled to be broadcast in up to 50 countries simultaneously.

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