‘Train to Busan’ 2 Rumors: Sequel narrative from zombie’s perspective?

‘Train to Busan’ 2 Rumors: Sequel narrative from zombie’s perspective?

Fans of the hit Korean movie “Train to Busan” will have to wait for a little longer but the director of the movie stated that negotiations for a sequel are already on its way. Rumors are swirling that the narrative for the sequel will take in from a zombie’s perspective.

The movie’s star Gong Yoo told Sports Chosun as cited by Soompi that he would be delighted to appear in a sequel to the film. But it is likely that he will not as his character Seok Woo fell off the train, broke his neck, and died.

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Yoo wanted to appear as a zombie if a sequel would be in the works but director Yeon Sang Ho has something in mind.


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Yoo added that since Ma Dong Seok‘s character lives on as a zombie, a storyline for the sequel could take from his character’s perspective. Aside from the working storyline, director Yeong Sang Ho has also released an animated prequel to the film entitled “Seoul Station” that aired last month.

Aside from the possible storyline for the sequel, another plot that could be explored such as the area being rehabilitated. This plot could take on from where the previous installment ended.

Though if a sequel was to take place, Yoo will likely have no part of it. But it does not stop him from giving out spoilers.

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According to reports, the studios from the United States and France are embarking on a mission to do a remake of the hit movie. Variety noted that 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures are battling for the rights of the movie for a US release. For France, studios like Gaumont, Canal Plus, and EuropaCorp are trying to outbid each other.

“We’re in talks with major studios and indie production houses in Hollywood and France that are highly interested in remaking the film,” a source said.

The same source noted that France has its own high-speed train just like that of the original movie that makes the remaking of the film a similar one. “Train to Busan” premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. The film was a huge hit as it grossed a total of about $61 million in just 12 days of screening.

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