‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoiler, Preview: Ragnar Lothbrok returns to bring chaos in November on a new timeslot

‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoiler, Preview: Ragnar Lothbrok returns to bring chaos in November on a new timeslot

The world will tremble as the midseason of “Vikings” Season 4 returns this fall and Ragnar Lothbrok will not rest until he gets his revenge. Lothbrok is to bring chaos, death and more raids on a new timeslot.

Premier Date TV reported that part two of season 4 for History Channel’s series “Vikings” returns on Nov. 30. The show will also take on a new schedule from its earlier Thursday night schedule to a Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The show will pick up from its last episode that showed Lothbrok’s defeat in Paris and his return to Kattegat.

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Video Courtesy: History/YouTube.com

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The show also released a powerful season trailer that will surely pick up curiosity and follow about how the season will go about. In the trailer strong winds hit Kattegat and Bjorn Ironside being warned by the tribe’s fortune teller of what awaits with his father’s return. Bjorn is to take his father’s place in continuing the raid under the mentorship of Floki, Lothbrok’s most trusted adviser, and friend.

Aside from all this happening, Lothbrok’s first wife, Lagertha, to retake her rightful place in Kattegat. In the last episode, she was hurt during the Paris raid but now she’s all well and ready to retake her post against Queen Aslaug. The battle of the two powerful women in Kattegat will surely stir things up.

There is also the rise of one of Lothbork’s son, Ivar the Boneless, who is to conquer the whole of the Scandinavian shores. In the trailer, Lothbrok tells his son to embrace his destiny as a Viking. He tells Ivar that a great army will be behind him as he wages war against the “world.”

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Kings and Kingdom are in chaos upon learning that Lothbrok is still alive and well. Growing concern about the raid that his sons will do sends then trembling as at the end of the trailer, Lothbrok tells everyone be not afraid.

Excited for an action pack and twisting storyline for “Vikings” midseason? History Channel has already renewed the show for a Season 5 which means Lothbrok is nowhere near dying. His adventures will continue and there is no telling when the raids will take them as Lothbrok lets the gods decide on his fate.

Photo Courtesy: history.com/shows/vikings/pictures