‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoiler: Tension rises in Ragnar Lothbrok’s household as show has been renewed for another season

‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoiler: Tension rises in Ragnar Lothbrok’s household as show has been renewed for another season

When Ragnar Lothbrok returns this summer with the second half of Season Four History Channel’s epic drama series “Vikings,” tensions will rise in his household as he challenges his sons to assume his throne. But spoilers are stating that various storylines will be in play and that it will be revealed as the filming of the show has been finished.

The show is set to hit the small screen by July 7, just in time as HBO’s Game of Thrones finishes with its Season Six finale. The show will pick from the last episode that showed Ragnar Lothbrok being beaten by his ever-traitor brother Rollo in the shores of Paris. The episode also shows Ragnar mysteriously vanishes from the battle ground and surprises everyone as he shows up in Kattegat.

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In the second half of Season Four, tensions arise from inside Ragnar’s household as his son Bjorn Ironside will go against his will and will be joined by Floki and Helga in leading a raid far down south from their Scandinavian settlement. Then there’s the tension between the women in Ragnar’s life with Lagertha challenging Queen Aslaug and the rise of Ivar the Boneless, who earns Ragnar’s attention.

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Travis Fimmel, who plays Ragnar, stated that they have finished filming 50 episodes of the show. This means that all episodes for the second half of Season Four are already lined up for small screen showing and another season on the horizon for the show that depicts the lives of the Vikings and how they made an impact in history.

“We’ve done 50 episodes now. Ragnar’s definitely changed as he’s gotten older. He begins as a farmer and works his way to being a king. And then it’s not what he expected it to be, you know? There’s a lot of sacrifices you have to make to be the boss,” Fimmel said.

History Channel’s president Jana Bennett told TV Line that he is all praise for the show’s creator Michael Hirst in researching to tell the story of Ragnar and his adventures with authenticity packed with a powerful and talented cast crew. So much inspired by how the show is doing on the ratings that Bennett announced that they have been renewed for a Season Five.

“The brilliant writing and depth of historical research and authenticity brought to the screen by Michael Hirst paired with our talented cast and crew have made this series one of the most compelling, visually stunning historical dramas on television. Vikings have raided the hearts of audiences and we are thrilled that Jonathan Rhys Myers will become a bigger part of the History family after his incredible performance in our upcoming production of Roots,” Bennett explained.

Meyers’ previous TV credits also include NBC’s short-lived Dracula.

Production on “Vikings” Season 5 will begin this summer, with an eye on a 2017 premiere date for Ragnar and his adventures.

Photo Courtesy: History.com/shows/Vikings