Who is the next James Bond? Tom Hardy favored; Idris Elba, Damian Lewis and Henry Cavill top contenders for 007 role

Who is the next James Bond? Tom Hardy favored; Idris Elba, Damian Lewis and Henry Cavill top contenders for 007 role

“Bond. James Bond.”

Who will be the next actor to unleash one of the most popular lines in movies history?

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One reliable way to predict the next actor who will play the James Bond role is via sports/entertainment betting odds, which give immediate clues on which contenders have a bigger chance of winning in any competition.

The “competition” in this case is landing the prominent and highly coveted role of being James Bond in one of the most popular action movie franchises and replace Daniel Craig, who has assumed the role in the last four 007 flicks (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre from 2006 to 2015).

For non-sports bettors– or in this case, entertainment bettors– it is easy to understand how the formula works on computing the chances/odds of winning of the contenders. The same formula also states the winnings for each bet made, if the correct prediction is made.

First, the betting odds for the “Next James Bond” market (Top 16 contenders, full list can be found at sportsbet.com.au):

Tom Hardy 2.00
Idris Elba 4.50
Damian Lewis 4.50
Henry Cavill 7.00
Aidan Turner 7.00
Michael Fassbender 9.00
T J Ramini 11.00
Stephen Amell 13.00
James Norton 13.00
Tom Hiddleston 15.00
Hugh Jackman 16.00
Dan Stevens 17.00
Orlando Bloom 17.00
Richard Armitage 17.00
James McAvoy 19.00
Adrian Lester 21.00

Using the simple formula:

(Amount of Bet) times (Betting Odds) = (Winnings), it can be concluded that Tom Hardy has the best chance of landing the James Bond role.

Using Hardy’s betting odds (2.00) and assigning an amount of bet– say $100–, bets on Hardy if he lands the Bond role will net total winnings of $200, or a $100 profit.

Using Henry Cavill’s betting odds (7.00) and assigning the same amount of bet, that’s a total of $700 winnings (or $600 profit) for every winning bet made on Cavill.

Simply, the lower the profit means the higher chances that they win the bet and vice versa. So in the case of James Bond betting odds, Hardy is the favorite to land the Bond role while Idris Elba and Damian Lewis are tied as second favorites to become the British super spy.

As with anything in sports and competition, underdogs can pull off the upset. This means that even with higher odds, Orlando Bloom, T J Ramini or others still has a chance of landing the Bond role.

Will the Mad Max: Fury Road star (Hardy) bag the James Bond role? Or will the superhero actors Arrow (Stephen Amell), Superman (Henry Cavill), Thor (Tom Hiddleston), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Professor X (James McAvoy) or Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) pull off the improbable?

Hardy’s Mad Max just won 6 Oscars and the English actor might just nab being the next James Bond, at least according to sports betting odds.

Photo courtesy: Georges Biard/Wikimedia Commons

  • Annie

    If Idris Elba gets the role, the surest bet in Hollywood will be that he’s the first Bond to be nominated for Best Actor for the role. Oscar now has quotas to meet.

  • garcia boy

    hey yeah I agree. Idris Elba or Damian Lewis. Idris Elba is really cool and talented. And then also, there is Damian Lewis who is one of those pretty boy talented actors. Either Idris or Damian is a win win. Absolutely.

  • Susan23

    true. If the Bond producers give Damian Lewis the James Bond role its cause he’s a pretty boy and compelling actor. I saw billions on show time and Damian is fun to watch. Idris Elba is a good one too. Doesn’t tom hardy have tattoos all over his body? Hardy is like 5 foot 7 in reality as well. IDK, maybe a tatted up 5’7 guy is what they are goin for. hardy is ok tho, hes alright

  • big Frank

    Hasn’t Damian Lewis actually won outstanding lead actor performance awards? Damian Lewis was lead role in band of brothers casted by Steven Speilberg

  • F’ineTim

    Does the James Bond franchise have the balls to make a black bond tho? Thats controversial and what about their fanbase?

    • westseadoc

      I’m as egalitarian as the next person but I tire of changing iconic roles from white to black just to be progressive or “edgy.” If you want to go that way, why not an Asian actor? Or is being progressive work only white to black? Bond is an iconic role so it probably should stay white. One of the new Star Wars major players is black; is there a reason that person couldn’t have been Indian, Asian, Pacific Islander? Or does Hollywood only give major minority roles to blacks? I think the new Bond ought to go to a relative unknown white English actor. There isn’t any reason why the new M could not have been black and already the new Moneypenny is black, too. It isn’t that I have anything against populating the screen with new non-white faces, but it seems that “non-white” is code for “black” and not Asian, etc.

  • Rupert Friend from Homeland.

  • glen

    Hey nahhh ” F’ine Tim ” . . . It is all good my young sir I like Damian Lewis and I like Idris Elba. A black or white Bond is cool. Damian is a goodlookin captivating actor guy and I like Idris Elba as well, Idris Elba is cool guy and actor.