WWE: Vince McMahon is not the boss in his own company, who is? Check details

WWE: Vince McMahon is not the boss in his own company, who is? Check details

Vince McMahon, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) chairman and CEO may show off himself as the most powerful person in the world of professional wrestling or sports entertainment, but he certainly isn’t the highest-paid person in the company.

According to the financial information released for the year 2015, 70-year-old Vice McMahon has made $3.3 million in the year 2015. Paul Levesque or “Triple H” raked in $3.1 million. The current WWE world heavyweight champion made $1.4 million as an executive and $1.7 million as a wrestler, as reported by Stamford Advocate.

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Kevn Dunn, executive producer of WWE topped the list followed by chief financial and strategy officer George Barrios. Michelle Wilson, chief revenue and marketing officer comes third in the list.

Despite WWE receiving constant criticism from its fans for being dull and not creative, the company has been successful commercially in 2015. It made overall revenue of $658.8 million, 21% more than what it made in 2014.

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WWE is expecting to make it big in the upcoming WrestleMania 32 set to be held at Arlington, Texas. It’s hoping that they would be able to make another profitable year in 2016.

The 2016 Mania could set a record for attendance with over 100,000 fans flocking the AT&T Stadium. Vince McMahon and Triple H are set to play an important role in the event. Vince has cast himself in the storyline which deals with his son taking on The Undertaker within a Hell in a Cell.

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Triple H is the current WWE world heavyweight champion and will face Roman Reigns defending his title. His bout will headline the pay-per-view and will be the main event.

Here is the salary list released by Stanford Advocate.

1) Kevin Dunn (Executive Producer) – $4.8 million
2) George Barrios (Chief Financial and Strategy Officer) – $4.5 million
3) Michelle Wilson (Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer) – $4.5 million
4) Vince McMahon (Chairman and CEO) – $3.3 million
5) Paul “Triple H” Levesque (Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative) – $3.1 million

Photo courtesy: Sgt. DaleAnne Maxwell/Wikipedia.org

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