ESPN to sign new MLB deal

ESPN and the MLB have agreed to terms that will allow the network to provide baseball coverage for the next eight years.  The deal reportedly will cost the network an average of $700 million a year, totaling about $5.6 billion and expires in 2021.

According to Sporting News, the new deal includes digital, international and radio, which their current deal had them paying an extra $50 million a year for.

USA Today reports that the deal is expected to be announced on Tuesday at 3 p.m.

ESPN reportedly will have access to one playoff game in the wild card round—something they do not have access to in their current deal.  ESPN will also preserve their rights to Sunday night baseball, games they showcase on Mondays and Wednesdays and highlights for “Baseball Tonight” and other programs the network provides.

USA Today notes that FOX and TBS both have deals that expire in 2013, but are interested in renewing.  NBC, with its new all-sports NBCSN, is also interested in getting in on the action of MLB coverage.

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