Everett Golson will return to Notre Dame in the spring

Former starting quarterback for the Notre Dame fighting Irish, Everett Golson, announced he will be returning to the team in the spring.

WPDE Channel 15 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina spoke with the sophomore quarterback after a charity basketball tournament in which he stated, “I will be returning in the spring, that’s pretty much it.”

Golson played in 11 games for Notre Dame in his freshman season and led the Irish to a 12-1 season and a BCS national championship bid. As a freshman, Golson compiled over 2,000 yards through the air with 12 touchdowns along with 298 yards on the ground and 6 touchdowns.

Golson was expected to be a possible Heisman candidate in 2013 until Notre Dame suspended the quarterback for “poor academic judgment” at the beginning of the summer.

In a statement posted on ESPN, Golson explained his routine without the Irish and his new-found maturity, saying, “I’ve been working out, keeping my head up.” He added, “I’ve had a little adversity but I’ve learned you can’t sit down and just take that, you got to pick yourself back up and keep going forward and continue doing what you were doing and everything is going to work itself out in the end.”

Notre Dame will continue to rely on senior Tommy Rees to move the ball for the Irish this season in the absence of Golson.

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