Michael Schumacher News: Latest health update positive; Family of F1 legend hopeful of recovery

Michael Schumacher News: Latest health update positive; Family of F1 legend hopeful of recovery

The latest health update of Michael Schumacher will provide fresh hopes for the fans as the F1 legend’s recovery is making his family hopeful. The 47-year-old is presently being treated at his residence in Lake Geneva facing Swiss mansion. Schumacher’s wife, kids and his manager is hopeful of a recovery by the German racing legend.

“I realize we would all like it if Michael could be here, but unfortunately that is not possible. We have to accept it and learn to deal with it. We will continue to hope and do everything so that it will be different again.” Sabine Kehm said during the acceptance speech. Michael Schumacher was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at Nurburgring on May 27, 2016, which Kehm accepted on his behalf, as reported by Sports Mole.

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Kehm also went on to praise the 47-year-old driver’s skills and work ethic. Shumacher’s wife Corinna, his kids Mick and Gina-Maria are also living with hope that the F1 legend will recover soon, looking at his rate of recovery.

Meanwhile, Luca Di Montezomolo, former Ferrari boss of Schumacher recently shared some good news on the German’s health condition. According to the 68-year-old, Schumacher is already “reacting” and hopes of his earliest recovery, as reported by CNN’s The Circuit.

Despite all the positives, there has also been some concerning reveal by Peter Hamlyn, a consultant and a neurological and spinal surgeon. According to Hamlyn, Schumacher may go on to recover from his head injury, but it could take years. Moreover, it may not be a complete recovery, which could be extremely torturous for his family to deal with, as reported by express.co.uk.

The German racing icon suffered a tragic skiing accident in December 2013 at the French Alps. Despite constant media interest in his recovery updates, there has been a blackout of information, owing to the family’s wishes. This is due to the constant false reporting of Schumacher’s health by many sections of the media.

Photo courtesy: Ferrarifan1956/Flickr.com

  • shuttlecocker

    Of course, we would like ‘Schui’ to recover completely and live a long healthy life. There’s no making up for the lost time yet he could really do stuff to add to his bucket list.
    Wishing you and your loving family/friends the very best. Always a fan!

    • Rosemarie Erickson

      It’s. S C H U M I, not Schui’, PLEASE !

  • blackweta

    honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at Nurburgring on May 27, 2017,

  • shuttlecocker

    Look Rosemarie Erickson, did I at least get your name right? Lol! You think it could possibly even oremotely be a typo? It’s actually not. Our group decided to refer to the legendary champion as ‘Schui’ even though he’s fondly known to his fans as S C H U M I, we get it. So PLEASE!!! Forgive us, please!
    I believe the reason was it sounds a lot like ‘Schu me’. Being that we could never hope to be anywhere near as good as him, we decided humbly to refer to him as the great ‘Schui’. Sorry that does not fit in with the popular nickname for Michael Schumacher our beloved hero. Yet it doesn’t lack any sincerity or love for him? Definitely did not mean any disrespect. That would be plain dumb. We love the man just as much as you do believe it or not.
    On another note, our group is celebrating the latest positive news by having a gala in his name, with money we raised and we’re going to wish ‘Schuma’ ( another original nickname we had contemplated ) a full recovery in time. All the best Champ! 😃
    We’re going to drink to his health whilst watching all of his races in F1. It’s this weekend. Cheers!