Tennis News: Novak Djokovic already making excuses for not reaching Roger Federer’s ‘all-time great’ level?

Tennis News: Novak Djokovic already making excuses for not reaching Roger Federer’s ‘all-time great’ level?

Novak Djokovic was expected to battle for the “all-time greatest in tennis” title against Roger Federer, but injuries have derailed his goal of becoming one. In a recent interview, the Serbian world number one admitted to failing to pressure and fatigue and has no doubts if he will ever reach the Federer’s level.

“Not only for pressure but tiredness as well, I was not as fresh as I needed too at Wimbledon, US Open and Olympic Games. Reaching the US Open final has been a great result considering the physical shape that had put in question my presence in New York. I am going through a process of change and development, Both as man and as a player,” Djokovic stated to

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Djokovic currently has won 12 grand slam titles, still five away from Roger Federer’s 17 majors, the world record in men’s singles. If his injury troubles continue, it’s tough to see Djokovic reaching Federer’s record.

Djokovic also answered queries on the success of his brothers, who wanted to be top players in tennis but failed.

“It was not easy for them. Not in all the cases, you are like the Williams sisters as they represent an exception in the sport. They lived under the shadow of my success, and now are trying to understand what they want from the life. For them the retirement from tennis has been a relief, they were feeling a very big pressure,” Djokovic added in the article.

Djokovic is lucky that Federer is not the same player as before and has failed to add another Grand Slam title in his career. Federer’s last Grand Slam win was at the 2012 Wimbledon Championships.

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Meanwhile, Djokovic has won five Grand Slam titles in the last two ATP seasons.

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  • el7jake

    Making excuses? Yeah, probably…..

  • Guest

    Now you understand why tennis player Federer is the “GOAT” – the Greatest Of All Times.

    • Mastoor

      We already knew how he won maximum number of majors, largely by not having to play anyone of Nadal’s or Novak’s caliber up to 2008. As for the GOAT, more and more people thinks it is Novak.

      • taral –

        What would he do, wait for Nadal and Novak to grow up?
        We all know how Novak won some finals – faking injuries, hence intimidating the opponents. Poor Murray was the main victim of Novak’s deceitful tactic a few years ago in Melbourne.

        • Vamsi Krishna

          True, and also Djokovic is facing fed as his best opponent even at his old age now…
          And nadal lost his touch recently too…
          All his titles came like that and thanks to wawrinka, two of them stopped.

        • Mastoor

          You’re making up. In no final Novak faked any injuries. You should have more respect for the GOAT.

          • theknower

            less than 5% of people who watch and understand tennis think novak is the GOAT the other 95 know Federer is, and Nadal on clay. How you can even call Novak goat its quite funny

        • Sergey Kovalev

          Hahah yeah he won some finals by faking injuries. See, to a useless, couch-potato lard piece of **** like yourself, it would seem to look like “faking injuries” But for a professional Athlete who has been competing for hours upon hours for the last couple of weeks, it is normal to feel some strain on the muscle and body that needs attention to. ANDY MURRAY hold his back and yells and acts like he’s been in a war every single time he plays tennis, but nobody calls that “faking injures” cause its not, its just normal stress on the body that NOVAK also feels.
          Honestly, do you actually believe the BS you spit out or do you just write it to engage some conversation

      • Guest

        I disagree,we will have to see how long Novak will last.

    • Rina Rusjan

      This is not true at all. Djokovic is the only one who had beat Nadal or Federer in their best days. This is why Federer did not won even more Grand Slams.

      Djokovic won most difficult matches against Federer and Nadal. This is why he is number 1.

    • Alexandre Tabet

      Let us wait and see if that is still the case in 2020.

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  • Just LOL at this article

    • Mastoor

      Ridiculous, isn’t it?

  • Alexandre Tabet

    I think Djokovic was merely stating a fact. After winning the French Open, he has had the opportunity to reflect and prioritize. Wife and child must surely take precedence. That does not mean he will not work hard and win more majors. I can easily see him winning 4-6 more majors in the coming 4 years.

    • Jesse

      I guess there’s no limit to dreaming as much as you want!
      By the same token, Federer can win another 4-6 slams in the next 4 years!

      • Alexandre Tabet

        Only Federer has not won a major in the past 4 years. Djokovic has won 6 majors in the past 2 years. He was two sets removed from winning the US Open less than four weeks ago. It took an on-fire Wawrinka to beat him. Of course, one never knows. Perhaps Djokovic’s injuries are career ending. But assuming he returns to his normal healthy self, it is safe to assume that he will win several more majors.

  • johnnyJive

    Djokovic was the only man in history to hold all four slams on different surfaces at the same time.
    His number of Masters 1000 is higher than Federer’s.
    His head to head record is better than Nadal’s or Federer’s.
    (And let’s not even go into average number of GS titles or rankings Federer’s opponents held when he won his titles.)
    ‘All-time greatest’ is counted in slams only by those who follow tennis along WWE.

    • Denis Daly

      Federer has been number one for the longest. The last period was after he beat a peak Novak in the semi of Wimbledon in 2012. Federer has so many records. Novak is very good. I think he was being very very honest here and should be commended. Sustaining extreme motivation is very difficult all the time. As he says himself he is developing as a person, has family responsibilities and probably has enough sense to realise at one level that his occupation is to hit a ball with a racquet, and for this activity and being exceptionally good at it he gets fabulously well paid when other people work. He is intelligent as so I’m sure he thinks about these things. I like him, and Federee and Nadal. I like Nadal because of his humility. Give the man a break and lets see Roger and Novak refreshed and injury free next year.

    • Sergey Kovalev

      Couldn’t agree more Johnny. The tennis season is not only 8 weeks long. Its the whole year. Grand Slams ARE NOT the only measure of a players success, nor is it the only measure of ranking the GOAT.

  • Sergey Kovalev

    How long have you been waiting to write this you pathetic excuse of a writer. Objective Journalism yeah? **** off. You got once sniff of a chance to undermine Djokovic and prove your lover boy Roger is the GOAT right. Get the **** out of here David Go. What the **** do you know about tennis. All I have to say to you David Go is Djokovic 23 – 22 Federer and Nadal 23 – 11 Federer. Federer can never be the GOAT when he doesn’t even have a winning H2H against his 2 greatest rivals. Everything else you say in voided because of that previous statement. 17 Slam wins in finals against Baghdatis, Phillipousis, Hewitt, Safin, don’t prove anything. When he came up against Nadal and Djokovic he has gotten owned over and over again, you turd. 1-3 in Finals against Djokovic and 2-6 in Finals against Nadal. There’s your Greatest Player right? WRONG. It is beyond me how you even call yourself a writer you joke.

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