Why Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter ever [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter ever [INFOGRAPHIC]

Watching Stephen Curry play and perform at the highest level, it’s nearly self-explanatory on how and why the Golden State Warriors point guard can be considered the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA and perhaps, of basketball.

Arguably– and in no time, inarguably– Curry is better than the all-time great shooters in Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Vernon Maxwell, Peja Stojakovic, Steve Nash and other conscious-less snipers who have burned the nets in the history of the game.

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How great is Curry’s three-point shooting? Below is one infographic for Curry’s three-point shooting abilities so far in his career and this season:

Stephen Curry - Greatest Shooter of All Time INFOGRAPHIC
Stephen Curry – Greatest Shooter of All Time INFOGRAPHIC

Without a doubt, Curry will break THREE more three-points related records this season; most three-point shots made in a single year; leading a season in three-point shots made and consecutive games with a three-point shot made.

If the infographic has basketball fans questioning Curry about his ability and status yet here are a few Stephen Curry highlights to convince all the doubters:

(Video Courtesy: YouTube/FreeDawkins)

And that’s just last season’s playoff highlights. And earlier this year…

(Video Courtesy: YouTube/FreeDawkins)

Some players make three pointers behind the arc; for Curry, beyond the arc is the more appropriate description;

(Video Courtesy: YouTube/MJO Mixes)

Convinced yet that Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter ever to play the game of basketball?

Main photo courtesy: Noah Salzman/Wikimedia Commons

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