Fenway Park celebrates 100 years of baseball

When you talk about baseball and its history, it is nearly impossible not to mention Fenway Park. It is the oldest stadium in all of professional sports and has gotten quite a bit of attention along its lustrous history. Great teams, great players, and great moments have been shared at that stadium and not all of them have been baseball. It has survived everything you can imagine through the years and to this day, it is standing just as strong as did 100 years ago.

The first game that was played was April 20, 1912 where the Red Sox beat the New York Higlanders; now the Yankees, 7-6. Since then many great athletes have grazed the field of baseball’s cathedral. There were the Boston Braves in 1914-15, the American Football League’s Bulldogs in 1926 and later the Shamrocks (1936-37) and Patriots (1963-68). The National Football League housed the Boston Redskins (1933-36) there as well as the Yanks (1944-48). The North American Soccer League had a team, the Beacons, that played there in 1968.

Many of baseballs greatest players have made their home in this intimate, beautiful, green park. Babe Ruth started his career and pitched there, Ted Williams made history in the left handed batters box, and Carlton Fisk kept the ball fair tackling the green monster. These are just to name a few of the many moments that were made. Fenway has been through the toughest times and the greatest times the game and the world had to offer.

“What a cathedral. It’s like going to church,” said Tim Wakefield, who pitched 17 seasons at Fenway before retiring this spring. “The stadium is the star here. Fenway is the star.”

A lot has changed since the park’s first game. The list of facts and historical moments of this country would take a 100 years to talk about itself.  But to see what has evolved since is quit interesting. For instance; A Ford Model T would cost around $700 and a gallon of gas would cost seven cents. Woodrow Wilson was elected the 28th president, New Mexico was admitted the 47th state in the United States, the Girl Scouts of America was founded, and five days before the first game at Fenway, the Titanic made its fateful journey.  The list goes on and on, but as all of these things happened Fenway has stood tall through it all.

Fenway is a prominent landmark in the world of sports and made its home in Boston in 1912. During the course of its history the park has gone through many changes and upgrades while still keeping it’s original look. Seating areas were added along with luxury suits, video screens, and lights. The concourse and concessions have gone through a great deal of work as well. It is hard to tell what is new and what has been there since its opening. The Green Monster has stayed in tact, the only major work that was done were the addition of seats a top of the wall. The most notable thing to mention is that Fenway Park has never had its named change during its existence.

Through its history Fenway has noted every moment inside the stadium. As you walk around you will see memorabilia, quotes, pictures and plaques placed every where indicating their significance. It may not be the most fan friendly while your navigating through, but it is a functioning museum that has and will continue to host moments that will last another 100 years.

Today the Boston Red Sox will host the New York Yankees at 3:05pm. Both teams will be wearing replica uniforms that were worn the day of Fenway’s first baseball game.  Around 2 p.m. Fenway will hold a little over 37,000 fans to celebrate its epic and continuing history. The Red Sox tracked down all living personnel who the team could and invited them to the celebration. According to sources, after gates open at 12:30, the Red Sox will prepare a toast. When fans get to their seats, they’ll find a grape juice drink and cups beneath their seats. At the end of the pre-game ceremonies, the Red Sox will attempt to set a world record for the largest toast in a single venue.

As baseball fans we should all hope that Fenway Park will stand for another 100 years. If you are a fan of the game you should add the park to your list of things to see. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and there is no better experience then attending a game at Fenway.

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