Former Vikings coach Brad Childress fires shots at Moss

Recently fired Minnesota Vikings head coach, Brad Childress, is letting his voice be heard from his new job as an NFL analyst, for the NFL network, and his first order of business was taking shots at former wide receiver Randy Moss.

According to ESPN, Childress told that “we had good guys, by and large, (yet Moss) walked in the locker room and vomited on it.” A unique choice of words, but everyone who watched the bitter feud between the two, they knew exactly what Childress meant.

Before Moss was signed to the Vikings by Childress, he was notorious for his antics off the field. The Vikings picked Moss up anyway, only to cut him from the team after one month. Moss bashed Childress in interviews with the media and it ultimately cost Childress his job, after he was fired for leading the team on a 3-7 record, and failing to notify his boss of his intention to cut Moss.

Now that the statement has been made by Childress, if Moss has not had a change of heart since retiring a couple weeks ago, expect him to fire back.

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  • lauren14

    thats crazy

  • RyanA

    can’t we all just get along?

  • rugbyhead

    Childress you calling out Moss, still doesnt make you a good coach thats why you got fired!!