George St. Pierre shrugs off Nick Diaz’s smack talk

After his win at UFC 137 over fighter Bj Penn, Diaz questioned George St. Pierre’s knee injury and called him “scared.”

“I don’t think Georges is hurt. I think he’s scared. Where you at Georges?” Diaz said.

This isn’t the first time that a fighter got into St-Pierre’s head before a fight. Leading up to UFC 124, welterweight Josh Koscheck talked a lot of smack to St-Pierre. St-Pierre won with a unanimous decision over Koscheck according to the Los Angeles Times Sports.

“Well it’s not the first time that the opponent, the guy that I’m fighting, tried to get in my head. I’ve fought many people before that, that disrespect me and for me it’s another fight and I’m trying very hard to be ready for the fight and I don’t focus on that,” St-Pierre said.

Diaz is coming off a suspension and a loss to welterweight Carlos Condit and has been criticized by UFC President Dana White for blowing his first fight with St-Pierre which was suppose to happen in 2011 according to Yahoo Sports.

St-Pierre is ready to defend his title for the eighth time since regaining it back at UFC 83 and is focused on beating on Diaz.

“I focus on things that I do control,” St-Pierre. “I don’t focus on things that people are saying about me. I focus only on myself and what I’m going to do.”

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