Giants’ Dan Connor’s arrested at Philly airport is latest issue for NFL

New York Giants linebacker Dan Connor was arrested at Philadelphia International airport for having a switchblade inside of his luggage.

The switchblade was spotted by a Transportation Security Administration officer on an X-ray machine on Saturday, a police spokeswoman told the Associated Press.

NBC Philadelphia reported that the charge against Connor was possession of an offensive weapon and Connor was released on his own recognizance after being arrested at his Charlotte, N.C. home.

ABC-WPVI Philadelphia first reported the arrest of the Delaware County native.

The Giants are “aware of the situation,” Giants spokesman Pan Hanlon said. “We’ve spoken to Dan, who is cooperating with the authorities in Philadelphia.”

This arrest adds to a growing number of NFL players that have been arrested this off-season. Over 30 NFL players, some rookies, have been arrested so far. This has become a major issue in the NFL in this recent era of football, and the league will likely take some sort of action in order to keep NFL players on the field and make sure that those that are, are good role models to the many fans who watch the game.

The arrest of Aaron Hernandez on a homicide charge is by far the most severe of all issues the NFL and any of the players are facing right now, but something must be done to stop this epidemic of arrests.

So many kids look up to NFL players as role models, and it is not okay that players that they may have previously admired, such as Hernandez and Connor, are setting such bad examples. Some sort of initiative should be taken in order to show the fans that the game and its players still have their integrity. The NFL has dealt with issues such as the Hernandez case before, with O. J. Simpson and Ray Lewis, but never to this level at once. With all the issues the NFL has been facing over the past few years, something must be done to save America’s sport.

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