Godzilla hits career home run number 500

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Hideki Matsui hit home run number 500 for his professional career in the Oakland Athletics’ 7-5 victory against the Detroit Tigers.

Matsui hit his 168th MLB homer off of Duane Below, and had already hit 332 home runs during his career in Japan before signing with the New York Yankees in 2003.

So far this season, Matsui has seven home runs as a designated hitter.  He is a two-time All-Star in the United States, but played his peak years in Japan, where he had three MVP awards and put up monstrous home run totals.

This season has been full of milestones for Godzilla as he has also gone over 2,500 career hits and 1,600 career RBIs this season.  In the MLB he is a career .285/.364/.469 hitter and he also has 722 RBIs in 1,142 games.

“I’m happy to get it over with, and it is even better that it helped us win a game,” Matsui said through an interpreter. “It isn’t like I’ve been aiming for this, because I don’t really combine numbers from Japan and here. To me, they are two separate leagues.”

Whether Matsui combines the numbers from the leagues or not, it is an impressive accomplishment regardless to even come close to his professional numbers.

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