Gordon Gee apologizes to Big Ten

Ohio State President Gordon Gee has apologized formally to the Big Ten Conference for comments made in December at the university’s Athletic Council.

Gee made many hurtful remarks during the conference, attacking former Wisconsin and now Arkansas Head Coach Bret Bieleima, the Southeastern Conference and Notre Dame University.

Since the comments have gone public trustees have spoken with Gee and informed him that future mistakes could lead to his dismissal as Ohio States President. In a letter to Gee posted by the Columbus Dispatch, board chairman Robert H. Schottenstein and trustee Alex Shumate said, “Although none of us expects this to be the case, should further instances take place, they could constitute cause for even more punitive action, including dismissal, and the board will have no choice but to take such action.”

Gee has been on an apology tour ever since starting with head coach Bret Bielema who posted the apology email from the Ohio State president on his Twitter account.

Now Gee is apologizing to the Big Ten for his comments. In a statement made to the AP on June 2, Gee apologized for his ‘misguided attempt at humor.’ College football faithful will be watching the Buckeyes on and off the field as this story develops and we move closer to kickoff.

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